Meet the doctors

Houston Smith, DC

Chiro 2 Rehab was founded on a need for individualized chiropractic care. Our comprehensive screening process allows us to, discover your strengths and weaknesses to build a program personalized for you. Pain and stiffness will take a back seat when you learn smarter ways to exercise without reinjury. Regular adjustments restore normal skeletal function, and smart rehab improves your brain to muscle connections. 

Dr. Houston graduated from the prestigious Parker University. He spent his undergraduate years at Ohio Wesleyan where he became a collegiate athlete in track, and cross country. Competition would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Chiropractic.

After a traumatic leg injury in 2012, Dr. Houston found a chiropractor after many trips to orthopedics, neurologists, and PCPs.  While under care, he was able to restore his love for exercise and sport. He understands the importance of “the right adjustment at the right time.”

Dr. Houston is passionate about improving joint health and building confidence in his patients. He uses adjustments, hands on soft tissue treatment, and rehab exercises to make lasting changes in his patients. He draws inspiration from renowned leaders in his field like Vladimir Janda, Craig Liebenson, Richard Ulm, Brett Winchester, Kelly Starrett, Pavel Kolar, and many others. He strives to impact the lives of others by sharing the gift of chiropractic and creating independence in his patients.

When not at work, Dr. Houston enjoys an active lifestyle. He loves to ski, hunt, and fish the beautiful NC woods but spends most of his time with his wife, Elena and canine companion.


Hello! I’m Dr. Erikka Lynch, founder of OHM Life and a passionate advocate for holistic wellness. With a background in integrative health from Sherman Chiropractic College, I specialize in combining traditional wisdom with modern science to support your unique wellness journey.

As a chiropractor, I offer individualized nutritional counseling, and functional medicine. I currently work with Dr. Houston to provide a sanctuary for personalized healing, offering lab testing, nutrition plans, mindfulness coaching, and energy healing. I believe true wellness is a personalized path that honors each individual’s unique needs.

I continuously enhance my knowledge through workshops and seminars, ensuring I bring the latest holistic health practices to my clients. Previously, I served as President of the Charleston Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, promoting nutritional education.

Outside of work, I enjoy nature, cooking, and spending time with my family, including my son Nick, who aspires to be a farmer veterinarian, and our pets Skuter, Nimbus, Marco, and Brahms.

I look forward to supporting your journey to optimal health and well-being.

Erikka Lynch, DC